Study Tips For Read Write Learners

study tips for read write learners

Study Tip #1: Hand Write Your Notes First

Writing notes out by hand gets more areas in your brain working by incorporating motor skills. By hand writing your notes, It will help improve your memory retention.

Study Tip #2: Take A Lot Of Notes

If you're a read-write learner, try to write as many notes as you can in much detail. After, you should try to read them over and over again so it sticks in your head.

Study Tip #3: Use Bulleted Lists

Try to use bulleted lists to structure your revision notes, if you're a read-write learner, this should help you out a lot when remembering the information.

Study Tip #4: Convert Diagrams Into Words

If you have a diagram that you're needed to study from, try to translate it into words. For example: What does the diagram say? What is the data showing? What does this mean?

Study Tip #5: Different Words

Try to re-write the same sentences into different words so it means the same, just phrased differently.

Study Tip #6: Write Questions For Yourself

Write out questions for yourself and answer them in however much detail is needed.

Study Tip #7: Summarize Each Page

After reading each page in your revision workbooks, make a list or paragraph about the key information shown in the page.

Study Tip #8: Read & Re-Read

After reading a page, continue with your work and summarizing then read the page again at a later time. This will reinforce the knowledge you have already stored in your head and help you remember it better.

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