Top 5 Study Tips For Creating Awesome Study Timetables

Study Tip 1: Factor In Breaks

Breaks are extremely important when you're doing a lot of studying- make sure you include short 15-20 mins break to ensure you don't get overworked and use this time to de-stress and complete an activity such as exercise or socialising.

Study Tip 2: Don't Overwork Yourself

Make sure you're not overworked as it can affect your cognitive abilities and overall makes you feel stressed and anxious. Studying is important- but so is your mental health!

Study Tip 3: Start off your day with an achievable task.

By starting off your day with a task that is achievable will give you a motivation boost for the rest of the day which will hopefully help with your studying productivity.

Study Tip 4: Reward Yourself.

If you've been revising for a whole day, and have used a lot of willpower to do so, be sure to reward yourself with free time, confectionery or something that you enjoy doing. Remember keeping a balance between revision and your social life is key!

Study Tip 5: Make sure your timetable is reasonable.

Set realistic times for yourself and ones that you know you will be able to stick too- otherwise the purpose of timetabling is pointless and you're more likely to get less revision completed.

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